Alday Donalson

Alday-Donalson Leadership Transitioning Successfully to New Positions

Alday-DonalsonAlday-Donalson and Universal Land Title’s merger has brought together two powerhouses of the Florida title industry, and the product of this merger is one of the largest title agencies in the state.

Alday-Donalson is no longer in business, but before it was acquired by Universal Land Title, it was an agency that had been in business for over thirty-five years and was a well-known member of its community. With six office locations in the Greater Tampa area, it had become a common name in real estate circles. Now that its resources have become a part of Universal Land Title, it will be able to serve clients all over the state and beyond, as Universal Land Title has gained licensure in over thirty states.

Alday-Donalson was a bit behind the times when it joined with Universal—which is why Universal Land Title invested heavily in implementing the latest technology and realigning their new offices’ workflow, thus bringing the whole team up to speed and ensuring excellent work and high profits for years to come.

Alday-Donalson was before it merged into ULT known within its community for providing fantastic service and accurate title, and the team has been thriving in the new niche that has been carved for them by Universal Land Title. Ron Donalson and his team have been incorporated seamlessly into the Universal Land Title family and have been able to use their strengths to improve the services they provide.

Alday-Donalson’s old team, now working for Universal Land Title, will offer the same excellent service and fast turn-times that made their company so popular before the merger, but now thanks to improved methodologies they will be ensured a successful future working with closing professionals all over the state—and nation—as they ascertain that the property’s title is clear of any liens. To learn more about Universal Land Title, visit their website at

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